Private Instructor & Consultant

Acting & Public Speaking Coach

Andrew offers private instruction for students ages 6 to Adult in person or via Skype.  He is experienced with techniques developed by Konstantin Stanislavsky, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Uta Hagen, among others, and works to find an effective blend of tools that best fit each student's needs. Andrew does not teach "Method" acting as popularized by Lee Strasberg.

If you're not an actor, and are looking to improve your public speaking ability and/or confidence, private instruction gives you individualized attention that a class would not. Andrew can tailor his experience to give you the specific tools you need to succeed, no matter whether you're giving a presentation at school or work, a toast at a wedding, or any other type of engagement that involves communicating with others!


Directing & Consulting

Due in part to his work as a One Act Play Adjudicator, Andrew has a growing body of experience in theatrical criticism and feedback.  If you are a director or teacher looking for an additional perspective on a show or project, Andrew can provide an external perspective that has been described as "incisive," "phenomenal," and "one of the best critiques I've heard in 12 years of teaching." 

Private Instruction/Consulting: $40/hr

Semi-private lessons (2 people): $60/hr ($30/student)

Quantity discounts are available; if you are concerned about cost, please contact me at the link below

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Andrew first began developing the content for his workshops over a decade ago and has had the opportunity to hone the curricula while teaching hundreds of students all around the country.  He offers workshops for students of all ages (including mixed-age classes) and of varying lengths. Andrew currently offers workshops in the following subjects:

  • Public Speaking (Physical and vocal delivery, confidence, voice and diction work)
  • Speech Writing (Rhetoric, structure, audience analysis)
  • Acting (Textual analysis, character development, mime/physical performance, and more)

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, please contact Andrew HERE.