God of Carnage

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza translated by Christopher Hampton

This Is Water Theatre, Summer 2015

Why this show?

On the surface, this was a show chosen mostly out of necessity: we needed a four-hander 2M 2W show because those were the actors we had. But I was particularly drawn to this show because of the challenge I knew it would present my actors. Because of the show's brevity, I knew that I could cast them opposite the "type" they would likely get cast as elsewhere and still have the time in rehearsal to help them reach our standard of performance quality. It didn't hurt that I really wanted to figure out how to do a vomit effect!


This play is a hilarious character study that continuously begged us to answer one question: why don't two of the characters just leave? Throughout the show, there are plenty of options 

Lessons Learned


Assistant Director - Adam Rothstein
Stage Manager - Michelle Schovaers Wagley
Asst. Stage Manager - Macey Pendergast
Costume Designer - Rayna Dexter
Dramaturg - Eleanor Owicki