Speaking Engagements


Not many actors spend the time to develop and hone their skills as public speakers.  Andrew's training and experience both on and off the stage allow him to adapt quickly and easily to groups' needs for variables like length, topic, mood, etc.

While he has some pre-prepared talks that he has given in the past, no two versions of those talks are ever the same, because no audience is ever the same.  Why give a memorized speech at someone when you can talk with them?  

Andrew prefers to offer potential clients a list of topics and life experiences that he enjoys talking about, and work with them to create/choose the perfect presentation for their group or event.  When you hire Andrew to speak at your function you won't get a canned presentation that hundreds of other people have heard--you will get a completely unique presentation tailored to your audience and your function.  

For fee information, please contact Andrew.

Topics include (but are most certainly not limited to):


--Passion through pain: Andrew's incredible story of how God used pain to change his life
--The Key to the Closet: Coming out as a gay Christian
--Passion vs. Practicality: is there really a choice?
--Being the oldest child: expectations and burdens
--Homeschooling with learning-disabled siblings
--International Adoption: a 5-time adoptive sibling's perspective
--Looking in the mirror: seeing yourself for who you are



--Positive peer pressure: An incredible account of teens helping each other turn their lives around
--How to integrate the arts into your homeschool
--Performing arts as a human experience
--Why the arts are essential to mankind 
--Commencement Addresses 


--Teaching acting and theatre 101: Helping parents and teachers use acting and theatre as teaching tools
--Fear greater than death: Why learning to speak in public can save your life
--Non-verbal communication: improve relationships, study skills, and self-esteem at the exact same time 


Andrew has written several one-man performance pieces, both short and long, and the list is constantly growing.  Maybe you'd just like Andrew to perform, or maybe you'd like him to integrate drama into a more traditional talk.  Whatever your needs, Andrew always loves to perform and share his work with audiences everywhere.  Current pieces are below, more coming soon!

The Accidental Parent
Dramatic, 11 minutes.
The Accidental Parent explores both grief and loss from the perspective of a 6 year-old girl and her 18 year-old brother.  Andrew's unique talent shines through here, as he plays both characters with ease to help bring the audience into the story.  Written during his time in competitive forensics, Andrew's performance of this piece in 2006 led to a nation-wide speech tournament championship title, as well as several regional and state level awards. 

Joseph's Story
Thoughtful/Comedic, 8 minutes.
That guy we all know, standing off in a corner to watch his wife give birth in a stable in Bethlehem--what did he think about all of that?  This piece explores just how significant Joseph's actions really were. You'll never look at the picture of a man leading a donkey the same way again.

Dramatic, 8 minutes.
Andrew's award winning dramatic monologue written after conversations with soldiers home from Iraq and those yet to deploy, Soldier asks the audience to put themselves in the shoes of those that serve them and make a decision that no one should ever have to make.

Spoken Existence

Dramatic, 4 minutes.
What is in a name?  What weight do our names really carry?  This piece was written as an example of the technical structure and direction of a theatrical monologue, but has become a powerful performance piece in its own right.